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Chaga Tea for Skin

With its unique and potent combination of active agents, chaga mushrooms offer a great variety of health benefits. Among its many useful properties, chaga tea offers benefits for skin health and maintenance. We rely on our skin health for a great deal more than simply our looks. Our skin serves a number of important functions, and as such, its health can affect not only how we feel in terms of appearance, but our physical health as well. The various benefits of chaga tea can help to protect and maintain the health of our skin, and its unique properties make it viable for both external and internal use.

BuddhaTea Chaga Tea - skin

The Importance of Skin

Skin is actually an organ, the largest organ humans have. It serves a number of vital functions, most of which we take for granted even though they are actually essential to our survival. It acts as the primary line of defense against bacteria and viruses. The sweat glands in the skin help to regulate our body temperature and eliminate waste. Perhaps most importantly, our skin acts as the medium for touch, one of the five senses that teach us about the world around us. These and other functions have a profound effect on our overall health and functionality, such that when our skin is injured or otherwise impaired, it can have a negative impact on our general health.

Drinking Chaga Tea

BuddhaTea Chaga Tea - skin2Drinking chaga tea may help to maintain and protect skin health in a number of ways, thanks to its various active constituents. Chaga is a prominent natural source of melanin, a color pigment, which is what gives chaga its dark coloration. This pigment is the same as that found in human skin, and helps to protect us from UV radiation found in sunlight, commonly responsible for sunburns. Internally, this pigment is very difficult for the body to manufacture, as it requires several specific nutrients to activate melanogenesis (the formation of melanin). By providing a natural source of melanin, chaga tea may increase the body’s supply of melanin more quickly, enabling it to better protect against UV radiation. Chaga tea also offers various elements that may improve circulation, reduce inflammation and fight infection, all of which are useful to many areas of the body, including the skin.

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