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Chaga Tea & Cancer

For several centuries, chaga tea has been extolled as a natural remedy with an abundance of benefits. From strengthening immunity to easing stress, chaga tea boasts a variety of positive effects that can help to keep you in good health. However, perhaps its most profound benefit is one that, until recently, was virtually unknown: chaga tea’s effect on cancer. Recent studies have shown that when it comes to preventing, combating and recovering from cancer, chaga’s potential makes it an herbal tea not to be ignored.

BuddhaTea Chaga Tea - cancer

The Nature of Cancer

Our body works on a daily basis to create thousands of new cells to perform the many functions needed to keep us alive and healthy. However, when a cell is mutated or corrupted, it is no longer able to properly function. Instead, it divides repeatedly until it becomes a large mass, known as a tumor. A benign tumor is harmless, and is little more than an abnormal growth. A malignant tumor, however, may invade nearby tissue or spread to other parts of the body, causing significant and potentially fatal damage to other organs. Cancer comes in many forms, and its severity as well as treatment options will vary depending on the type, location, stage of growth and risk of spreading.

The Role of the Immune System

BuddhaTea Chaga Tea - cancer2One of the things researchers have begun to focus on in recent years is the role the immune system plays in fighting cancer. In recent studies, agents of the immune system have been found to seek out and eliminate cancer cells wherever it finds them. This function is what allows the body to halt the spread of potential tumors naturally, meaning the only time tumors are able to form is when the immune system’s ability to either detect or eliminate the cancer is somehow impaired. Unfortunately, one of the most common side effects of modern cancer treatment is weakening of the immune system, thus removing the body’s own ability to combat tumor formation or regrowth.


How Chaga Tea Benefits Cancer Patients

Although chaga tea alone cannot cure cancer, nor is it a substitute for other forms of cancer treatment, it can offer a number of benefits for individuals dealing with cancer. Recent studies show that some properties of chaga may help to eliminate cancer cells, particularly in its early stages. While most of these studies are still ongoing, early results are promising, with evidence that betulinic acid, a compound found in birch bark which is absorbed by the chaga mushroom, may directly eliminate cancer cells. Some of its phytosterols may also be effective against cancer cells, although it is not yet known how these compounds are able to accomplish this effect. Chaga’s ability to promote immune system function may also help to equip the body to fight against cancer cells with its own natural defense.

BuddhaTea Chaga Tea - cancer3The other important benefit of chaga tea for those dealing with cancer is helping to reduce many of the unpleasant sideeffects associated with many modern cancer treatments. As one of the most common side effects of such treatments is a weakened immune system, chaga’s ability to strengthen the immune system and support its healthy function is invaluable to patients who might otherwise be at a higher risk of infection. Furthermore, chaga tea is also gentle on the stomach and can promote healthy digestive function. It may even help to quell some of the nausea that can result from cancer treatment, as well as stimulate appetite, both important benefits for cancer patients. There is even evidence that chaga’s constituents may be able to prevent the metastasizing (or spreading) of tumors to other areas of the body. Very much is still not yet known about the full effects of chaga tea for those struggling with cancer, but for those who are willing to investigate it for themselves, its potential could prove to make the investment completely worthwhile.

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